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POWER. It’s the driving force in men’s volleyball. But how do you harness that power to earn points and win matches? You could spend years trying different strategies and learning through trial and error. Or you take a quicker, easier route and enroll in the Men’s Volleyball Head Coach Certification. When you do, you’ll get instant access to more than 400 minutes of comprehensive coaching instruction that will beef up your coaching abilities. How? By tapping the knowledge of two of today’s most successful men’s volleyball coaches—U.S. Hall of Fame Coach Pete Hanson and Canada’s Coach of the Year Ben Josephson. In 38 hard-hitting lessons, you’ll get detailed instruction on how to develop your offensive and defensive systems. You’ll get coached on serving strategies, attacking principles and blocking tactics. You’ll even discover how to use scouting reports and statistics to positively impact your team’s performance. If you’re a high school or collegiate coach, this comprehensive course will tell you what you need to know about the men’s game today.

Topics include:
– Organizing practices based on skill value
– Developing a serving strategy and evaluating serve effectiveness
– Training attackers on transition footwork, decision-making and approach angle discipline
– Defending effectively using blocking systems, tactics and visual keys
– Creating an offensive system that maximizes kills
– Scouting the opponent and devising a game plan
– Transitioning from high school to collegiate volleyball

Women’s coach? This first-of-its-kind program offers several innovative approaches to training, evaluating skills and system development that apply to both the men’s and women’s games. No matter what, we’re confident you’ll find this program to be a useful tool in the development of your coaching skills and, ultimately, the performance of your team—regardless of gender. Check out the course units below!

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Course Curriculum

Skill Development in Practice
Practice Development Based Upon Skill Value 00:07:00
Improving the Serve in Practice 00:10:00
Developing the Setter 00:09:00
Module 1: Quiz Questions – Skill Development in Practice Unlimited
Serve Techniques and Strategies
The Mindset of an Effective Server 00:07:00
Exploring Serve Types and Strategies 00:06:00
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Serve 00:09:00
Developing the Hybrid Serve 00:11:00
Serving Strategy 00:17:00
Module 2: Quiz Questions – Serve Technique and Strategies Unlimited
Keys for the Effective Attacker
Transition Footwork 00:07:00
Approach Angle Discipline 00:09:00
Decision Making Concepts for the Attacker 00:15:00
Transition from Blocking to Attacking 00:10:00
Developing a Variety of Shots when Attacking 00:17:00
Module 3: Quiz Questions – Keys for the Effective Attacker Unlimited
Blocking and Team Defense
Introduction to Blocking Systems 00:13:00
Becoming a Better Blocker 00:22:00
Using Visual Keys in Blocking 00:07:00
Blocking Tactics 00:13:00
Defensive Systems Concepts 00:10:00
Module 4: Quiz Questions – Blocking and Team Defense Unlimited
Developing the Offensive System
Obectives When Creating an Offensive System 00:11:00
Offensive System Tactics 00:09:00
Developing Your Offensive Principles 00:20:00
Organizing the Serve Receive System 00:11:00
Strategic Principles in Serve Receive 00:02:00
Considerations for Creating a Set Tempo 00:14:00
Developing a Back Row Attack in Your Offensive Plan 00:15:00
Module 5: Quiz Questions – Developing the Offensive System Unlimited
Pre-Match Scouting and Important In-Match Numbers
Strategies of the Time Out 00:08:00
Using Statistics During the Match 00:12:00
Statistics in Game 00:09:00
Scouting the Opponent and Development of a Game Plan 00:24:00
Module 6: Quiz Questions – Pre-Match Scouting and Important In-Match Numbers Unlimited
Key Performance Indicators 00:08:00
Identifying Key Performance Indicators 00:08:00
Numbers That Matter 00:09:00
Skill Value Based on Statistical Analysis 00:06:00
Statistical Evaluation of Offense 00:06:00
Module 7: Quiz Questions – Statistics Unlimited
Bonus Videos
Transition from High School to Collegiate Volleyball FREE 00:00:00
The Men’s and Women’s Game FREE 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Enjoyable


    Another very good training with a lot of good information well shared

  2. Thorough...


    I thought the information shared was pertinent…well designed…and well presented. Based on a staff of one (me) the stats may be a little hard to pull. That said ..the message from both coaches to pull a few bits of information that will have the most impact is great advice.

  3. 5

    So important get this information

  4. it was great


    it was great course im really learned to much thing in this course and thanks to the coaches who deserve to be here in this great site and thanks forevery thing

  5. Very Informative


    This is a great course that delivers a ton of useful information.

  6. Very solid information


    Very solid information overall in theories and concepts.

  7. A complete guide for trainers


    Probably the best course I’ve ever had as a volleyball trainer. Especially the parts about statistics lightened the significance of statistics in decoding a game but also creating the appropriate training sessions based on objective metrics. The coaches who presented the course gave clear and thorough explanations. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the course.

  8. Excellent course


    This is an excellent for coaches who have experience in the game and new coaches as well. I learned a lot and it help put a lot of game concepts and data analysis in a way that makes it easy to implement during practice. Thank you

  9. Fantastic!


    Being a new coach for a high school team, this training has given me so much tactical guidance and insight to be able to confidently direct these young athletes to perform at their best. This is exactly the kind of information I needed to know all in one amazing course.

  10. Men's course


    It was a good course and gave me some new insights and some information that I never thought about. We’ll see how it works when trying to apply with my high school team.

  11. Great course!


    Very comprehensive, very clear explanation with great examples given.
    Thank you!

  12. Incredible!


    These two instructors, Coach Hanson and Coach Josephson have such great insight into the Men’s game and Volleyball as a whole, their knowledge is invaluable and I would definitely recommend this course to others!

  13. Superb!


    I have coached for more than 25 years. Although I have been successful, taking this course has helped to add depth to concepts and insight to areas that have not been a vast integral part of my coaching. Having had the opportunity to review the importance of statistics and how the use can enhance coaching, I am pleased that I took the course and now have further information to help improve my coaching. Very well explained, organized, and insightful!

  14. Great Information


    What else can there be about volleyball? Well, I sure found out that there is still plenty to learn about this sport. I coach middle school boys and this will definitely help me run practices better and improve my players, as individuals and as a team.

  • $150.00
  • 2000 SEATS
  • Number of Units36
  • Number of Quizzes7