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Introduction to the Home Training Program Series™

The Home Training Program Series™ has exercises that will address two major areas:

  1. The physical elements of performance which includes jump rope routines, hand-eye coordination exercises, and the basic movement patterns used in volleyball.
  2. The four basic fundamental skills of volleyball which includes self and partner tossing for passing and setting, lift and toss for serving, footwork and arm swing for attacking as well as exercises for the development of each skill.

No matter what the age of entry into the program, each player should begin with Level 1 and advance to Level 2 as one completes the exercises or if a section seems too easy.

At the end of each video clip, there are 3 age-appropriate questions to be answered by the player. For players 10 and under, parents may need to assist them by being physically engaged. After the parent and child watch a video clip, they review the questions with the child answering. This allows the parent and player to check the child’s understanding and reinforce the key points.

As part of the Home Training Program Series™, you also receive printable worksheets to download and print:

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