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Beach volleyball is NOT just indoor volleyball in the sand. It’s a unique sport with distinct rules, scoring, skills and strategies. Players must also contend with the environmental elements of sun, sand and weather.

Because of this, you simply can’t coach beach volleyball the same way you coach the indoor game.

In the Beach Coach Certification, you’ll get more than four hours of beach-specific training from UCLA head beach coach Stein Metzger, a former Olympian and top AVP player who also happens to be one of today’s best collegiate beach coaches who guided the Bruins to back-to-back NCAA championships in 2018 and 2019.

One of the early architects of the sand game, Stein has accumulated more than 30 years of knowledge in the sport…and he shares many of his invaluable tips. inside the program. For starters, you’ll learn the top 11 rule differences, find out how to train beach-specific skills, and discover the basic structure for creating a beach program.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Introduction to the Beach Coach Certification 00:01:29
Differences in beach from indoor 00:02:21
Top 11 rule differences 00:06:02
Beach Coach Certification – Section 1 Quiz Unlimited
Section 02: How to Run a Beach Practice
Practice plans 00:07:12
Practice culture 00:05:27
Beach Coach Certification – Section 2 Quiz Unlimited
Section 03: Building the Individual Player
Building the individual player 00:07:23
Mental training 00:03:00
Beach Coach Certification – Section 3 Quiz Unlimited
Section 04: Preparing an Athlete for Competition (Systems Coaching)
Offensive systems coaching 00:25:35
Defensive systems coaching 00:24:45
Beach Coach Certification – Section 4 Quiz Unlimited
Section 05: Preparing an Athlete for Competition (Skills Training)
Jump serve 00:02:49
Serve receive 00:08:17
Float serve 00:04:16
Setting positioning basics 00:07:08
Hand setting 00:08:16
Bump setting 00:10:46
Transition roll up 00:05:25
Attacking 00:12:28
Blocking 00:07:37
Beach Coach Certification – Section 5 Quiz Unlimited
Section 06: Wind Ball Basics
5-8 tips: Embrace the wind 00:26:29
Beach Coach Certification – Section 6 Quiz Unlimited
Section 07: How to Develop a Program
How to create pairs & teams 00:03:36
Season planning 00:02:14
Beach Coach Certification – Section 7 Quiz Unlimited
Section 08: Drills
Warm-up drills 00:08:02
4-6 person warm-up drills 00:29:51
Scoop and deliver 00:09:25
8-10 person warm-up drills 00:09:31
Speed ball 00:05:49
Practice drills 00:11:38
Building the basic structure for the program 00:07:04

Course Reviews


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  1. Great Course!


    Great course. I will probably review some of the sections several times. The wind section was very informative.

  2. Beach Coaching Certification Art of Coaching


    I truly learned a lot from Stein. The module on the wind influencing the game, as well as the teachings on how to pass the ball depending on where the server is serving from along the endline, was very enlightening.
    I truly would recommend and encourage this course to anyone that is training juniors players and even collegiate players, or more seasoned players.
    The course provided me with fresh ideas, as well as new spins on methodologies on how to train a few of the skills that I was already training before.

  3. Recommend Beach Coach Certification


    This course has great content. I liked the usage of white board and watching players perform the drills. The information on dealing with the wind was exceptional. I highly recommend this course.



    The course covers technique, strategy, training and intangibles like culture in a very clear fashion. Stein has a great communication style.

  5. Great Course


    I am coaching beach volleyball in Portugal for about 15 years (not as a professional coach) but with young and senior athletes and I enjoyed a lot your course. Just a small recommendation: more specific drills about some fundamentals. e.g., serve drills, attack drills, block drills.
    But CONGRATULATIONS, I really loved to do this course.
    The way you talk and explain make things very easy to understand.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Amazing


    Amazing course. Metzger has so much knowledge.

  7. This was the kind of course I needed.


    I’ve wanted to start a beach program at my high school for a long time. Our CIF Southern Section is going to start a girls beach volleyball program that will be sanctioned as an official CIF sport next year. I plan to contact my Athletic Director and School Principal to let them know about my Beach Coach Certification from the AOC, and of my years of playing in beach volleyball tournaments. I plan to ask them if we can start a girls beach volleyball program next year. The interest is there as several of the girls from our indoor teams have definitely let me know they want to start a beach program. Maybe the cards are lining up now? The one thing I would have preferred in the course would have been to have the videos show all the players on the court so I could see what each player was doing on the court in one full take. That way I could see what each person’s responsibility was on the court and could see exactly how the drill was run. But it’s still a great course!

  8. Quality information


    As someone who’s been on and around the beach and doubles since 1992, this is the best course certification I have been a part of. Stein is a great communicator and shares great information and covers a lot of the elements that many clinics and training gloss over which is developing culture. Worth the time and expense. Would love to do a AOC Beach clinic if he does that at some point.

  9. Good course


    Covers a wide range of topics. It really helped organize my thoughts and put specific words to concepts I knew but had some trouble explaining.

  10. This should be a 5 star Course, I can't change the 3 stars for some reason.


    5 stars

  11. More for those with less experience at the beach game.


    There is a lot of information for inside players/coaches who need a crash course on the beach game. Being a beach volleyball player for more than 30 years, I did not learn a lot. On the technical part, there are questions in the quizzes that are explained later on the course, the camera views of some drills are not helping on understanding the (sometime too long) explanations that comes before. I so wanted to like this course… after I took the setter and the head coach certifications, which are really well done and helpful, I was expecting more from that one.

  12. Thank you!


    I run a juniors grass doubles program which is growing and developing. We also travel to play in the sand. This course helped to expand my understanding of the beach volleyball game. It also improved my confidence and my ability to teach doubles to my players. Thank you!

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