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The setter is the hub of your offense. She sets the team’s rhythm, helps attackers get in a flow, filters strategic information to teammates, and makes critical decisions about who to set each time the ball comes over the net. As coach, it’s your job to train your setter to be the court captain who will lead your team to victory.

In the Setter Coaching Certification Course, you’ll get access to 4.5 hours of detailed instruction, video analysis, diagrams and drills from Christy Johnson-Lynch, a former two-time All-American setter and the winningest coach in Iowa State University history.

Topics include:

  • Identifying the 6 athletic qualities to look for in a setter
  • Tapping the ONE setting skill that outweighs all others
  • Teaching your setters to execute different types of sets
  • Explaining the keys to jump setting and dumping
  • Training your setters to fool the block
  • Fixing common setting errors
  • Avoiding pitfalls when evaluating your setters


*NOTE: In order to take the course and have your progress tracked, you must click on the green “Start Course” button. If you are on a desktop, this button is on the right-hand side of this page, if you are on mobile or tablet, this will be at the very bottom, under the reviews. We recommend working through the certification on a computer for the best user experience.

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Course Curriculum

Setter Coaching Certification Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Qualities to Look for in a Setter and Keys for Setter Training
Athletic Qualities 00:05:00
Volleyball Skills 00:03:00
Vision 00:07:00
Mental Skills 00:10:00
Importance of Repetition 00:03:00
Vary the Toss & Pass 00:03:00
Making Setter Training Game-Like 00:04:00
Qualities to Look for in a Setter and Keys for Setter Training Quiz Unlimited
Hands, Body Position & Footwork
Hand Position 00:02:00
Wrists & Forearms 00:07:00
Ready Position 00:07:00
Weight Transfer 00:05:00
Back Sets 00:05:00
Quick Sets 00:04:00
Common Errors & Corrections 00:06:00
Ready Position Footwork 00:13:00
Keys to Good Footwork 00:06:00
Footwork Patterns 00:19:00
Hands, Body Position & Footwork Quiz Unlimited
Jump Setting & the Setter Attack
Why Jump Set 00:03:00
Keys to Jump Setting 00:04:00
Why it’s Important to Dump 00:03:00
Keys to Dumping 00:03:00
Different Types of Dumps 00:08:00
Jump Setting & the Setter Attack Quiz Unlimited
Keys to Setting in Emergency Situations
Bump Sets 00:03:00
One-Handed Sets 00:01:00
Sideways Sets 00:02:00
Jousting 00:03:00
Keys To Setting In Emergency Situations Quiz Unlimited
Tools to Assist Setters: Video & Statistics
On-Court Setting Tools 00:05:00
Video Feedback 00:07:00
Basic Stats 00:14:00
Advanced Stats 00:06:00
Tools to Assist Setters: Video & Statistics Quiz Unlimited
Identifying Sets & Designing Plays
Name & Location 00:08:00
Tempo 00:10:00
Strategies 00:08:00
Two-Hitter Examples 00:05:00
Three-Hitter Examples 00:06:00
Calling the Play 00:03:00
Identifying Sets & Designing Plays Quiz Unlimited
Decision Making for Setters
Basic Decision Making 00:07:00
Advanced Decision Making 00:02:00
Drills for Decision Making 00:09:00
Decision Making for Setters Quiz Unlimited
Setting Within the Various Systems
4-2 System 00:01:00
5-1 System 00:01:00
6-2 System 00:03:00
Hybrid Systems 00:01:00
Setting Within the Various Systems Quiz Unlimited
The Psychology of Setting
Communicating with Teammates 00:00:00
Communicating with Coaches 00:04:00
Evaluating Your Setter’s Performance 00:06:00
The Psychology of Setting Quiz Unlimited
Final Thoughts 00:01:00

Course Reviews


17 ratings
  • 5 stars14
  • 4 stars3
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  • 2 stars0
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  1. Thorough discussion of complex position


    I would highly recommend this video training series to coaches from beginning to advanced teams. There is solid information to begin your knowledge or add to your knowledge of the setting position. I found the psychological aspects discussed to be thought provoking. The fundamentals were well covered and demonstrated. Well done by Art of Coaching and Christy Johnson Lynch.

  2. Excellent!


    This training is outstanding for the beginning level coach to the advanced. Christy Johnson-Lynch has an excellent perspective on the position. She explains the details well and has demonstrations that assist in visualizing the key components of setting. I recommend this unit of study highly.

  3. Setter Certification Review


    Felt good about this course. At times, it was necessarily basic but there were many instances where the information was leaning to an advanced level; a level necessary for intermediate to advanced level coaching. I will review the sessions as our club season begins. Thank you!

  4. 4

    I found the nine sections to be comprehensive covering fundamentals such as hand position all the way through to basic mental empathy for setters. While there are 48 videos, they are portable and succinct in bite-sized portions. This allowed me to take the course at my pace while I balanced other life and family responsibilities. In summary, the course is a great “One Stop Shop” of the various topics found throughout the AOC website and clinics. Thank you Christy and your staff for taking the time to deliver a very helpful program.

  5. Course summary


    That was a very good, well built course containing technic, strategy and mental part.
    Cristy all time explained what she is doing and why.
    I really enjoyed, learned a lot, and that was a very valuable course for me.
    Thank you.

  6. 4

    Very informative course. I highly recommend this course to any coach who wants to learn how to train setters of all ages and abilities.

  7. nice


    I was expecting sometime to introduce some players in the setters world, but is most focus when you have the setter and is really good course thanks coach for all the clues

  8. Great material for coaching setters of different levels


    Great on demand education which leaves nothing to be desired. The given information is well structured, well presented and fostered with a lot of practical video sequences. The knowledge included in this certification is an awesome collection for training setters of different skill levels and/or different stages of developement. I learned a lot and I got many new ideas for continues improvement of my setters.

  9. 5

    easy to follow with lots of info

  10. Great course


    Comprehensive curriculum. Practical learning outcomes

  11. 5

    Loved the length and the content of the course. Just about right! thank you!

  12. Great Setting Course


    I learned a lot about specific details for learning. I learned about different systems and their advantages. Very useful when developing setters and teaching basic skills for beginners.

  13. Great Coaching Tool


    This course was incredibly helpful in assisting me in making my team that much better. The setter does so much so it’s important to have a plan for them and this course definitely helped with that.

  14. Well done


    Very well thought out. Informative and organized.

  15. Excellent, informative course


    This course is very informative for new coaches to intermediate/advanced high school coaches. It breaks down all the steps from hand position to footwork and delves into strategy and what it takes to be a good setter. Definitely worth it!

  16. Great course!


    Just finished and got a lot a important informations
    and tips. I would liked to have more interactions with the forum though, for I still have some unanswered questions. Can’t wait for a level II or pro level to get more ideas and tips.

  17. Setting Training


    This course is fantastic. I have wanted to learn how to better coach my setters and this was the tool I needed. Thanks

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  • 2000 SEATS
  • Number of Units48
  • Number of Quizzes9