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This certification is provided by The Art of Coaching Volleyball in partnership with Badger Region Volleyball in an effort to provide coaches with a convenient and accessible avenue to refresh some main ideas and how they might relate to your coaching philosophy. This certification fulfills the Badger Region requirement of two hours of continuing education each quad (four years).

This certification includes:

  • Approximately two hours of video on a variety of topics from some of the top coaches in the game
  • A 20 question quiz at the completion of the videos – a 75% or higher passing grade is required to received certification
  • A certificate of completion for you to provide to the Badger Region as proof of meeting the continuing education requirement for coaches.

*NOTE: In order to take the course and have your progress tracked, you must click on the green “Start Course” button. If you are on a desktop, this button is on the right-hand side of this page, if you are on mobile or tablet, this may be at the very bottom, under the reviews. We recommend working through the certification on a computer for the best user experience.

**Have you finished this course and are looking for your completion certificate? Go to your My Courses page in your My Account dashboard. At the top of the page you’ll see your progress through the certification along with a download link for your certificate.

Course Curriculum

Coaching philosophy: Stay out of their way 00:01:00
Building success: Is winning the measure of success? 00:01:00
Coaching players: Don’t fear failure 00:05:00
Drill philosophy: Don’t copy unless you understand why 00:02:00
Developing leaders: Leadership starts at the top 00:01:00
Mental training: Setting process goals fosters positive emotions 00:02:00
How to identify & correct errors: Feedback 00:02:00
Corrective feedback: The fine line between criticizing and bullying 00:01:00
Drill philosophy: One drill, one focus 00:03:00
What do you control as a coach: Coaches can’t see everything 00:01:00
Developing all-around players: The skill of reading 00:36:00
Game planning: Offensive and defensive systems 00:18:00
Karch Kiraly’s 2-minute Take: The case against midline passing 00:02:00
Using technology in practice: Video & statistics 00:20:00
Tips on winning: Embrace adversity 00:01:00
Badger Region Coaching Certification Quiz Unlimited

Course Reviews


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  1. Good info from coaching leaders


    Good info and reassurances for good coaching. Good to know you’re doing things correctly and some good tips for advancement.

  2. Excellent Content


    Covers great philosophies on coaching. Offers insight in many aspects of Volleyball.

  • $150.00
  • 1000 SEATS
  • Number of Units15
  • Number of Quizzes1