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This certification is provided by The Art of Coaching Volleyball in partnership with Columbia Empire Volleyball Association in an effort to provide coaches with a convenient and accessible avenue to refresh some main ideas and how they might relate to your coaching philosophy.

This certification includes:

  • Four sections to enhance your season from Coaching Philosophy to Organization and Planning to Strategy to Skill Development
  • Section quizzes at the completion of each section to test your knowledge of the videos
  • A certificate of completion for you to provide to CEVA as proof of meeting the continuing education requirement for coaches – a 75% or higher passing grade is required to received certificate

*NOTE: In order to take the course and have your progress tracked, you must click on the green “Start Course” button. If you are on a desktop, this button is on the right-hand side of this page, if you are on mobile or tablet, this may be at the very bottom, under the reviews. We recommend working through the certification on a computer for the best user experience.

**Have you finished this course and are looking for your completion certificate? Go to your My Courses page in your My Account dashboard. At the top of the page you’ll see your progress through the certification along with a download link for your certificate.

Course Curriculum

Coaching Philosophy
The great coaching debate: Be positive or be tough 00:02:00
Allow your players to get to know you 00:02:00
Coaches should be coaches, not your friend 00:00:00
Coaching secrets: What are your standards? 00:04:00
My coaching strategy 00:00:00
Drill design: Don’t copy unless you understand why 00:02:00
The fine line between criticizing and bullying 00:01:00
Minimize ‘playing-time angst’ with objective evaluations 00:04:00
Error corrections: 8 keys to giving feedback 00:00:00
Coaching millennials and generation Z 00:00:00
6 keys to handling coach-player disagreements 00:00:00
CEVA Certification Section 1 Quiz Unlimited
Organization and Planning
Strike the sweet middle ground between ‘random’ and ‘blocked’ practice activities. 00:00:00
Setting tangible goals for practice 00:02:00
Don’t trash your practice plans 00:02:00
Practice planning: The roles of players & coaches during practice 00:09:00
The chance for success: Developing systems 00:18:00
A coaches plea 00:00:00
CEVA Certification Section 2 Quiz Unlimited
10 tips for youth serving 00:00:00
Volleyball serve receive patterns 00:07:00
Spinning the rotation for the matchup 00:01:00
The art of the timeout 00:00:00
Isolate vs overload: A look at two attacking strategies 00:09:00
Game planning: Scouting your opponent 00:03:00
5 keys to better communication with refs 00:00:00
CEVA Certification Section 3 Quiz Unlimited
Skill Development and Drills
Jim Stone: 5 keys to helping your players get better faster 00:09:00
Training beginners to master proper passing form 00:01:00
Serve receive keys 00:04:00
Mastering the float serve 00:03:00
Game-like serving 00:03:00
Six defensive moves to expand court coverage 00:12:00
Setting: Teaching the fundamentals to young players 00:13:00
Drills for developing body control in setters 00:12:00
Rainbow setting drill 00:04:00
Hey coach stop looking for a tall setter 00:00:00
6 tips for youth hitting 00:00:00
Attacking principles: Arm swing 00:03:00
Attacking: Approach speed 00:02:00
Footwork: Locator step 00:05:00
Yes kids should block before they can get their hands over the net 00:00:00
Blocking fundamentals: Ready posture 00:03:00
Blocking fundamentals: Parallel blocking 00:07:00
CEVA Certification Section 4 Quiz Unlimited

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