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The Club Management Resource Guide is provided by The Art of Coaching Volleyball in partnership with the Junior Volleyball Association in an effort to provide club directors with a convenient and accessible avenue to discover and refresh some main ideas on building and managing a club.

This guide includes resources for:

  • Business foundations and strategy
  • Finance and accounting
  • Marketing, branding and public relations
  • Membership recruitment, retention and management
  • Tryout, tournament and facility management
  • and more!


  • Dave Bayer, Club Director of Milwaukee Sting (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Brennan Dean, Club Director of Wave Volleyball (San Diego, CA)
  • Maggie Griffin, Club Director of VCNebraska (Lincoln, NE)
  • Christine Hames, Club Director of K2 Volleyball (Louisville, TN)
  • Kathy Kennedy, Co-Founder of NKYVC (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Tim Kuzma, Business Director of Munciana Volleyball (Muncie, IN)
  • Mike Lingenfelter, Co-Director of Munciana Volleyball (Muncie, IN)
  • Max Miller, Club Director and CEO of Mintonette Sports (Columbus, OH)
  • Rachel Morris, Director of Marketing and Apparel for Wave Volleyball (San Diego, CA)
  • Steve Sack, Owner of Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy (Detroit, MI)
  • John Sample, Former Owner and Director of Texas Advantage Volleyball (Dallas, TX)
  • Jodi Schramm, Club Director of Premier Academy (Toledo, OH)

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**Looking for your completion certificate or badge? Once you’ve watched 90% of the resource guide videos (your percentage can be found under My Dashboard >> My Certifications), you can request your certificate and badge directly from JVA. To do so, email a screenshot of the My Certifications page to JVA will email you back with your certificate and badge to signify that you’ve completed the resource guide.

Course Curriculum

Club Management Guide Intro 00:00:36
Business Foundations
Starting a club is a masters degree in business. 00:00:30
Developing a business plan. 00:11:15
Incorporating as an LLC. 00:01:18
Business Strategy
Identifying strengths and weaknesses. 00:02:10
Two types of competitive strategies. 00:01:18
First mover advantage. 00:01:30
Identify your vision and goals. 00:08:08
Developing your club’s strategic plan. 00:00:51
Cross selling. 00:01:06
Understanding the volleyball industry. 00:02:01
Strategic Planning
Philosophy vs. Mission Statement. 00:01:48
Creating a mission statement. 00:01:42
Club philosophy. 00:05:18
The importance of a club philosophy. 00:03:00
Reinforcing your club’s mission statement and philosophy. 00:01:35
Club culture. 00:05:49
Club image. 00:01:09
Club philosophy influencing decision making. 00:02:22
Defining your core values. 00:03:32
Events to reinforce culture. 00:02:49
Finance and Accounting
Managing expenses early on. 00:03:14
Budget considerations. 00:07:28
Creating a budget. 00:01:35
Accounting. 00:01:18
Choosing accounting software. 00:01:29
Chart of accounts. 00:02:03
Budgets, dues and member fees. 00:00:51
Fee collection. 00:01:15
Budgeting mistakes. 00:02:05
Marketing, Branding and Public Relations
Social media. 00:02:33
Social media management. 00:01:23
The importance of social media in marketing. 00:03:56
Club marketing strategies. 00:03:09
Websites. 00:01:32
Membership Recruitment, Retention and Management
Player recruitment and retention. 00:02:20
Communicating with potential players. 00:00:49
Recruiting new members. 00:01:36
Communicating with players who might want to play for your club. 00:00:52
Membership and athlete retention. 00:03:17
Retaining members. 00:01:42
Strategies to retain your members. 00:02:40
Creating club loyalty. 00:00:35
Receiving and applying feedback from your members. 00:00:51
Communication Skills
Pre tryout meetings. 00:02:57
Pre-season player meetings and club orientation. 00:00:44
Pre-season parent meetings. 00:02:09
Mid-season evaluation. 00:05:49
Team/Club communication. 00:02:13
Coach-player-parent communication. 00:01:50
Addressing improvement during evaluations. 00:00:31
Dismissing a player mid-season. 00:04:19
Players transferring mid-season. 00:02:35
Managing playing time. 00:02:49
The 24 hour rule. 00:07:20
Communication between staff and players. 00:03:30
Crisis and Risk Management
Insurance policies. 00:01:57
Social media policies and risk management. 00:07:53
Human Resources
Operations manual. 00:05:23
1099 vs W2 00:01:12
Who to hire after coaches. 00:01:11
Athletic trainers. 00:00:40
Using interns. 00:02:16
Firing staff. 00:01:43
Coach Management
Recruiting coaches. 00:04:32
Selecting coaches. 00:04:29
Training coaches. 00:04:40
Evaluating coaches. 00:05:08
Retaining coaches. 00:00:54
Coaches manual. 00:02:25
Best practices for teaching coaches. 00:04:46
Dealing with pushback from a coach. 00:01:50
Technology Solutions
Accounting and membership technologies. 00:04:22
Dues collection. 00:02:49
Educating players. 00:01:29
Time Management
September through August for a club director. 00:04:02
Staying organized as a club director. 00:01:35
Club Resources
Using club advisors. 00:00:31
Utilizing resources outside of your club. 00:01:42
Parent advisory board. 00:00:21
Training your teams to officiate and keep score. 00:01:32
Injury prevention. 00:07:12
Training during different parts of the season. 00:02:14
Strength and conditioning coaches. 00:01:21
Importance of statistics. 00:01:07
Club Culture
Teaching life skills. 00:01:58
Setting expectations. 00:01:36
Player policies. 00:00:41
Bullying policy. 00:02:54
Bringing in speakers. 00:01:25
Club wide events. 00:01:33
Older athletes working with young athletes. 00:03:11
Team building events. 00:02:50
Making practices entertaining. 00:01:15
Tryout Management
Running a tryout. 00:05:14
Evaluating athletes during a tryout. 00:06:24
Operating within your region’s tryout guidelines. 00:00:46
Making an offer to an athlete. 00:10:03
Tournament Management
Planning a competition schedule. 00:04:29
Deciding how far to travel. 00:01:43
Travel management. 00:00:28
Post-tournament practices. 00:02:57
Collaborating with other clubs. 00:02:59
Tournament registration and management. 00:00:47
Facility Management
Equipment you need. 00:01:02
The process for purchasing uniforms. 00:03:19
Club Recruiting Program
College recruiting videos. 00:01:57
Helping players and parents to be realistic. 00:03:22
Helping players manage the recruiting process. 00:04:21
Cultivating relationships with college coaches. 00:00:32
Value of college camps. 00:01:09
Considerations for college programs. 00:01:09

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for!


    There isn’t a topic or sub-topic left out of this amazing course. Well done

  2. New Club Director of Long Time Club


    New Club Director here and this training was just amazing. A ton of great information on all aspects of running a club. Really hits on aspects that you didn’t even realize you needed to think of. Make sure you have a pen and notebook because you are going to want to take a lot of notes! Can’t wait to get some of the ideas implemented!

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