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Introduction with Matt Mosebar

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Video Transcript
Welcome to the Art of Coaching – Sports Performance Certification. My name is Matt Mosebar, I’m a Sports Performance Coach and I’m here to guide you through this curriculum.
We’re going to be doing sports specific training for the volleyball athlete and teaching you how to program for your team and your athletes.
Looking at the course curriculum here.

  • Training Philosophies: What are our training philosophies as we go through this curriculum? What is our main objective when we’re working with these athletes? What are we trying to accomplish, right?
  • Basic Concepts in Exercise Science: We’re going to cover some of these basic concepts so that you and I can communicate better as we go through this; and you, the coach, can also make decisions on your own based off what you’re seeing on the court of play, and what your team, or athlete, needs.
  • Mobility Training for the Volleyball Athlete: Mobility training is range of motion, flexibility, okay. Increasing range of motion. Increasing flexibility so that we can gain better positions on the volleyball court.
  • Dynamic warmup for the Volleyball Athlete: I’ll give you an example of what a dynamic warmup is, and why are we doing a dynamic warmup?
  • Muscle Activation Exercises: Let’s wake up the big movers. What are those big movers? Let’s wake up the powerhouse of the athlete, really important for athletes.
  • Effective Strength Exercises for the Volleyball Athlete: We’re going to be covering a lot of exercises with you, give you a lot of ammo to go into that programming, to go and make your own decisions on what’s going to be the best exercise for your team and for your athletes.
  • Plyometric and Dynamic Agility Exercises: When to apply agility exercises, plyometric work? Why is this so important and why do we need to look at loads and volume of that so that we don’t injure our athletes long-term.
  • Cardiovascular Training for the Volleyball Athlete: Let’s stop running miles, let’s actually do sports specific conditioning and try to replicate what they have to do on the court of play.
  • Basic Program Design: How do we put it all together from A to Z?
  • Recovery Techniques for Athletes: Ice baths, fascia release, foam rolling, things that are going to help our athletes recover much quicker so that they can get back to the court of play much more quickly and stronger.