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How can you win more matches? Build a stronger, more powerful team.

Volleyball players who participate in performance training are physically stronger, so they’re able to generate more power at greater speeds. This leads to jumping higher, hitting harder and digging and blocking more balls. Athletes also sustain fewer injuries because they have better balance and stronger joints. This means you’ll have a healthier team that can perform at a high level all season long.

In this certification, you’ll get an introduction to the basics of sports performance training along with key exercise science and joint mobility concepts. You’ll also learn about muscle activation, dynamic movement, and cardiovascular training, plus tips for speeding up the recovery process and preventing injuries. Start training with Matt today!

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Course Curriculum

Introduction with Matt Mosebar FREE 00:05:00
Basic Concepts of Sports Performance Training and Exercise Science
What is Sport Performance Training? 00:03:00
Basic Concepts of Exercise Science 00:07:00
Sport Performance Certification – Section 1 Quiz Unlimited
Joint Mobility Concepts and Program Implementation
Mobility Concepts 00:04:00
Weight Room Study – Exercises for Shoulder and Thoracic Mobility 00:11:00
Weight Room Study – Exercises for Foot/Ankle and Hip Mobility 00:12:00
Sport Performance Certification – Section 2 Quiz Unlimited
Muscle Activation and Development of Strength Movements
Dynamic Warm-up 00:26:00
Muscle Activation 00:11:00
Weight Room Study – Muscle Activation 00:33:00
Weight Room Study – Unilateral Lower Body Movements 00:11:00
Weight Room Study – Bilateral Lower Body Movements 00:15:00
Weight Room Study – Upper Body Strength Movements 00:13:00
Sport Performance Certification – Section 3 Quiz Unlimited
Development of Dynamic Movements and Cardiovascular Training
Plyometric and Dynamic Agility Exercises 00:08:00
Deceleration Exercises 00:18:00
Explosive Plyometric Movements 00:21:00
Cardiovascular Training for the Volleyball Athlete 00:09:00
Sport Performance Certification – Section 4 Quiz Unlimited
Keys for the Design and Implementation of a Training Program
Designing Your Strength Program 00:17:00
Speeding Up Recovery 00:22:00
Training Philosophies Review 00:02:00
Sport Performance Certification – Section 5 Quiz Unlimited
Wrap-up 00:01:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Great stuff.


    This is a very thorough course which keeps one foot in the technical rhelm for the advanced coach and one foot in the layman’s rhelm for the beginner coach trying to better their team or club.

  2. Strengthens my Weakest Part of my Coaching


    I hear pieces parts of strength and conditioning and not sure if information is correct. The course explains the methods in such away I can digest the information and I go over topics many times to fully understand the reasoning. Due to construction in our school the weight room was not available for our volleyball program. Now the gym is my workout and the players really enjoy the circuit training in the gym!

  3. Sports Performance Certification


    Basic concepts covered with lots of examples on dynamic warm-up and activation drills. Would be better if there are more information on specific gym programs to target volleyball specific outcomes like increase vertical jump, increase spiking power etc.



    Lots of great foundational information for developing a program. As one review suggested, a next step might be specific exercises to develop specific skills needed in volleyball. Matt communicates well and provides reasoning to support every suggestion he offers.

  5. Great Course


    I was a bit apprehensive at first but I must say it was worth the money and I did learn quite a bit. Thanks.

  6. Great Course!!


    This course was full great information! I’m excited to apply this to my team.



    I will add these skills to my team’s strength plan.

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  • Number of Quizzes5