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  1. Renewable Asset


    I took two weeks of vacation to take this course and found the information to be relevant and, as advertised, beyond the basic levels of coaching volleyball. As a renewable asset, I plan to continually access the material in order to keep my practices aligned with current techniques, tactics, and procedures within my philosophy. The sections on the individual positions were critical for me. As a former MB/OH indoors and a beach player, I was well versed in the attack aspects of the game, but my knowledge lacks in the defensive concepts for DS/L and S. The individual modules within the Level 2 course helped round out my ability to coach and mentor my players better in these positions. Furthermore, I’m a better coach at my natural playing positions, as well.

    As a stat geek, I found the bonus content from the Universities of Wisconsin and Colorado to be thought provoking, enlightening, and–for me–revolutionary to how I look at my team’s matches.

    The Level 2 certification was great Christmas present to myself and value added. It exceeded my expectations in content and I’m a better coach for having spent the time within the course.

  2. 5

    I always enjoy the AOC courses as they are very insightful. This course gave me some new ideas to incorporate into my practices that I feel will be extremely useful. The only issue I had was that the site would freeze on me from time to time so I had to close it and reopen it to be able to continue.

  3. Level 2 Coaching Volleyball Course


    The level 2 course is a detail and comprehensive summary of skills and ideas. The insight into setting, serve-receive, and hitting has provided relevant information for my up coming season. This is a positive investment in volleyball knowledge.

  4. Great Online Course


    I have done the several courses with AOC, and all of them have been tremendous. But this course is like going to a clinic without having to travel. Jim Stone and the other instructors do an excellent job with their area, while breaking it down so that the concept is easily understood.

  5. 5

    I have taken many AOC courses and enjoyed them all! This is a great one!

  6. A must do course!


    Excellent content, comprehensive, well paced and a must for coaches at every level. Well done!

  7. Head Coach Level 2


    Plenty of good tips and insights for more advanced coaches. They always do a great job, whether on here or at a coaches clinic they provide a great opportunity to better yourself and program. Highly Recommend!

  8. This course contained many useful elements


    I really like the fact that both men and women coaches were used as I do believe they have a different approach. No right way to do something is a good approach, really like the supplemental units at the end on strength and flexibility. I enjoyed the course.

  9. Challenging and upgrading course


    Dear instructors,
    Lots of ideas in a very logical sequence of lessons. The input by a plurality of advisors and the connecting comments and reflections by the chief concept-maker are appropriate to show that nothing is a simple scheme but everything the result of experience and good practice. Good visualization, authentic and not using too many toy effects. Thank you for a good comprehensive course.

  10. Level 2 course


    There are some great videos in here that I will access throughout the year. I believe Jim and friends did a great job explaining many of the fundamentals but to a higher level. I want my girls to see these too so they can see how exactly they can improve. So valuable! Well done Jim.

  11. 5

    Wow! What an eye and mind opener! I thought I knew game! Great thanks!

  12. Exactly what I was looking for!


    I loved the “deep diving” into everything. The videos were outstanding. I also like that the course is sort of interactive with the ability to ask questions and get answers via email.

  13. More then I expected.


    Jim Stone is each of my favorite instructor. He led this training and that was deeper and valuable than I expected.
    The thematic was amazing, and was really good to see other coaches how they are thinking, presenting and believing in that they are doing.
    I learned a lot, and now I see more aspects and dimension.
    Another very good thing is this course (like the others) isn’t giving schemas. It’s giving philosophy, considering things, relationships, and encourage to develop my own way, style and all times keeping in mind-I’m there for my players to they being better.
    Thank you very much to participate in this course.

    Kind regards
    Attila Kontor

  14. Fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge


    The level two course is a fantatic opportunity to further expand your knowledge and progress your personal development, I have completed both the level 1 and level 2 finding the content easy to follow and very informative. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to further teir learning from the level 1 certificate. great work AOCV and thank you Jim for yet another fantastic program

  15. Awesome


    Great systematic approach with hitting main takeaways

  16. Excellent


    This course has provided me a lot of background information and new insights. I can recommend this course to any serious volleyball coach.

  17. Got a kick of it!


    It doesn’t matter how long have you been coaching, you can find something new or long time forgotten that you can use in your gym!
    This was refreshing and very useful. Please pay attention on some extra at the end of this course. Would love to come back and retake
    it in few month after using some ideas in my gym. Have fun learning!

  18. Needed!


    Coarse was a great reminder of some things I already been doing but had some great teaching moments too.

  19. Great Course


    I especially liked all the bonus material about the stats management and the conditioning, but Jim Stone is the best thing that has happened to my clib coaching career.

  20. The Best Online Coaching Course I Have Done!!!!!


    As a 20+ year seasoned coach with experience across middle school, high school, club, and collegiate levels, this was the best online course I have completed! The content was comprehensive and expansive, providing depth within topics I have experience in, and introducing several new concepts, teaching methods, and pieces of terminology I had not encountered or studied prior. My club season begins in a few months, and I have already planned changes to my practice/program structure and offensive/defensive systems as a result of studying through this program. I am truly grateful for the resources provided by The Art of Coaching Volleyball, and am planning to utilize the Group Membership to enhance the learning of my growing coaching staff.

  21. Learned a ton - definitely worth it!


    Great extension to the level one course.

  22. Great Course!


    Excellent, well presented with a lot of good and most up to date information of the volleyball game. Will definitely be applying the concepts learned with my teams.

  23. Very Helpful


    I truly appreciate how Jim Stone presents options. There is no one size fits all in this course- only thought provoking options and things to consider for the players on your team. Thank you for the white board sessions, video sessions, and ease of application.

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