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Running a successful volleyball program requires more than a basic knowledge of the game and a few good drills. In the Jim Stone Academy Head Coach Level One Course, renowned coach Jim Stone offers an in-depth exploration of the game—specifically for beginner to intermediate coaches. Lessons follow a deliberate flow, starting with program organization and skills development then progressing to offensive / defensive systems and match strategies. While moving through the self-paced course, students have access to Jim during weekly “office hours” and the “members only” online forum. They also will find links to relevant bonus videos and reference materials to further enhance their learning. Those who complete the course within 6 months of enrollment will earn their certification.

Topics include:
• Developing a coaching philosophy and team chemistry
• Organizing a daily and season practice plan
• Understanding the mechanics of serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking
• Running offensive and defensive systems
• Managing matches—before, during and after
• Scouting new talent and running efficient tryouts
• Taking steps to prevent player injuries

***Have you finished this course and are looking for your completion certificate? Go to your My Courses page in your My Account dashboard. At the top of the page you’ll see your progress through each certification along with a download link for your certificate.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Course Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Developing a Core Philosophy 00:07:00
Developing Team Chemistry 00:05:00
Running an Efficient Tryout 00:13:00
Getting Started Quiz Unlimited
Planning Your Season
Developing a Season Practice Plan 00:06:00
Developing a Daily Practice Plan 00:09:00
Season Planning Quiz Unlimited
Overview of Movement Skills
Analysis of Correct Movement Skills 00:11:00
Movement Skills Quiz Unlimited
Footwork for the Outside Hitter 00:04:00
Footwork for the Middle Hitter 00:02:00
The Quick Attack 00:10:00
Mechanics of Running a Slide Attack 00:03:00
Developing the Attack Armswing 00:05:00
Analysis of Armswing Biomechanics 00:11:00
Attacking Quiz Unlimited
Keys to the Forearm Pass 00:06:00
Passing Quiz Unlimited
Setting Posture and Footwork 00:09:00
Setting Hand Position and Release 00:07:00
Disguising the Front and Back Set 00:03:00
Jump Setting 00:03:00
The Setter Attack – Part 1 00:04:00
The Setter Attack – Part 2 00:03:00
Setting Strategy 00:04:00
Selecting a Setter 00:04:00
Setting Quiz Unlimited
Serving Mechanics and Strategy 00:16:00
Serving Quiz Unlimited
Individual Defense
Defensive Posture and Movement 00:08:00
Redirecting the Ball 00:07:00
Emergency Skills 00:03:00
Reading on Defense 00:06:00
Individual Defense Quiz Unlimited
Outside Blocker Footwork 00:08:00
Middle Blocker Footwork 00:06:00
Shaping the Block 00:04:00
Blocking Systems 00:10:00
Blocking Quiz Unlimited
Offensive systems
Serve Receive Patterns 00:09:00
The 6-6, the 4-2, and the International 4-2 00:08:00
The 5-1 00:07:00
The 6-2 00:03:00
Factors that Impact Your Offensive System 00:05:00
Developing an Offensive Tempo 00:07:00
Executing Combination Plays 00:06:00
Organizing Your Out of System Offense 00:05:00
Offensive System Wrap-Up 00:05:00
Offensive Systems Quiz Unlimited
Defensive Systems
Introduction to Team Defense 00:05:00
Base Positions 00:06:00
Using Parallel Lines to Organize Your Defense 00:04:00
Free Ball Defense 00:03:00
Perimeter Defense (White) 00:06:00
Slide Defense (Blue) 00:02:00
Rotation Defense 00:03:00
Player Up Defense (Red) 00:03:00
Defensive Systems Quiz Unlimited
Match Management
Match Strategy 00:08:00
Scouting 00:07:00
Time-Out Management 00:04:00
Post Match Strategy 00:03:00
Basic Stats to Evaluate Team and Individual Performance 00:07:00
Match Management Quiz Unlimited
Injury Prevention
Key Steps in Injury Prevention for Your Players 00:22:00
Injury Prevention Quiz Unlimited
Certification Wrap Up
Course Wrap-Up 00:01:00

Course Reviews


108 ratings
  • 5 stars95
  • 4 stars12
  • 3 stars1
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. Great for Coaches


    I was very pleased with this course. I have added on some ideas and thoughts from this video along with learning some new ways to coach! Thank you for this course and I look forward taking more!

  2. Head Coach Level 1 Certification Review


    The Head Coach Level 1 course is well organized, and is a great resource for any coach. The use of text, video and white board makes learning enjoyable and reinforces key concepts. All beginning coaches should definitely complete this course and it is a great review for all coaches.

    Well done!!!

  3. Fabulous Course!


    I really enjoyed going through all of the content available in this course – I know I will continue to come back to it more in the future to refresh my memory on certain topics.
    I am really hopeful that there will be a level 2 course developed not too long from now!

  4. Thorough and very educational


    I have been coaching for years and there were still things I learned. Very comprehensive for any coach.

  5. Thank you


    For this Course!!! Want to make more…

    Best wishes from Germany!!!


  6. Excellent Course


    It was an absolutely interest course and I could learn a lot. Even I coach volleyball now for more than 15 years.
    Hope, it will get a Level 2 Course soon.

    Best regards, also from Germany,

    Karl 🙂

  7. Head Coach Level 1 Certification Course


    Informative, useful and well presented!



    Good information for both beginning and experienced coaches alike. I would recommend this course to all my coaching friends!

  9. The next best thing to a live coaches clinic.


    This is the best laid out computer based training I’ve taken. Jim Stone did a great job explaining the topics in an easy to follow format, with great videos and useful resource links.

    Recommendations: 1. There are some minor fixes that could be done to ease jumping from one topic to another. 2. Review the transcripts, they seem to be computer generated and don’t really follow what Jim is saying.

    Overall it was a great experience, keep it up! I look forward to additional courses of this caliber.

  10. Excellent Course!


    Excellent Course! It provides a great cohesive overview of various aspects and principles of coaching volleyball. Jim has a great communication style and effectively integrates sectional overviews along with video analysis, white board explanations, and interviews with outside guest experts. I highly recommend this course for new coaches and for all current coaches looking for a refresher class. Thanks Jim for all the effort in pulling this together and look forward to new instructional offerings you might be developing to further assist coaches.

    -Tim Weil (Broomfield, CO)

  11. Excellent course


    Great course where Jim Stone and team are handling all the fundamentals for the coach. Great video analyses and clear.
    I personally liked a lot the whiteboard writing, a tool that many of us use and the open-minded thinking of Jim Stone regarding different ways in coaching volleyball.
    Thank you for the effort and time and I look forward to the next.
    Virginie De Carne

  12. Very good course


    Over all well presented and organized. I only have a couple of suggestions.
    1). We know that there is not always a single path/method to obtaining a certain result. There were several times, particularly in the skills section where Jim seemed to imply one way only, which is contrary to the hall mark of AoC which is bringing many coaches together to share various methods and concepts. So it would be nice in some of the videos to hear a couple of coaches comparing and contrasting various methods so that young coaches begin to understand how to look critically at the Art of Coaching, and not just copying the last coach they heard.
    2). There were some portions that I thought were too basic, particularly in the offense and defense area, for a “head coach” course and that probably belongs in the intro to Coaching course.
    Overall it was a positive experience. I am glad I took the course.

  13. Very Good Course


    Nice course that covered a wide variety of subjects. I would recommend to anyone who is a head coach at any level.

  14. 5

    I have previously taken the CAP level I & II courses. This was a great refresher course, and confirmed 1) that I am on the right track coaching wise, and 2) that I still have a lot to learn about coaching volleyball. Thank you for sponsoring the course. I really enjoyed it.

  15. Coach Stone deserves an "A+" from a hs vb coach!


    Thanks to the expertise that Coach Stone possesses, I now understand the nuances of the game of vb, a sport that I truly have a passion for. Thanks for your patience Coach Stone!

    Take Care!

    Michael J. Lundy
    Fresno, California

  16. Good Course But....


    The material, content and delivery is top notch….A+. However, the availability of Jim during “office hours,” whatever those are leaves a lot to be desired. I have multiple posts in to Jim with Zero, NO response. It’s disappointing to say the least when you are paying good money for this type of course/material and the proctor/instructor can’t find the time to respond.

  17. Great Resource


    This course was great, it kept me engaged and I learned some things that I didn’t know. There should be a part two.

  18. Head Coaching Certification Level 1


    The Head Coaching Certification contained many fundamentally concepts that all coaches need to acquire in order to instruct athletes in the correct manner and etiquette. The course reinforced many concepts and taught me a few new concepts. Great course.

    Lorenzo A. Ayala
    Chicago, IL

  19. Great Refresher!


    I thoroughly enjoyed the course material! It was a needed refresher to remind myself of things I haven’t focused on and a help to keep my players and team moving in the right direction. I can’t wait to take the next course!

  20. Glad I took the course


    I coach two middle school teams with girls ranging from ages 10 to 13. I have been coaching now for eight years and I am always trying to learn something new. I really enjoyed this class. It is hard to find material on coaching a lower level team, most everything I study deals with more high school and college levels which is good but a lot of those things my kids aren’t capable of doing yet. It was nice that there where things touched on to help me understand how to make my team better. I would like to see more material on coaching young kids. My kids and the kids we play aren’t capable of attacking so blocking is sort of useless, i would like to see a class on defense for young kids without a block. Looking forward to more classes.

  21. Good tips for high school and club ball


    Most of the main concepts were things that I was familiar with, but each segment gave me some new perspective or reminded me of how to approach different planning/practice/match situations. I appreciated the examples. I would have liked a video segment on effective use of back row attack in the hitting section and some libero tips in the serve receive/defensive sections.

  22. Enjoyable and Beneficial


    I have been coaching volleyball for over 40 years and took this course to see where I was in the art of coaching volleyball. I enjoyed taking the course and although I did not learn a lot of new things, I found some things that I could become more efficient at, learned some keywords that may be more effective and just had a good time with the course. I would highly recommend it for the new coach, a high school level coach as well as the beginning to mid-level club coach. I also look forward to higher level certifications that hopefully are in the works.

  23. Exactly what I needed


    I have been a club Coach in Chandler,AZ for 6 years now, and I have leaned on AOC the last 2 years as my virtual asst. Coach. This past season my 15U won our Regionals in Championship division, and with the upcoming season we plan to go Open. This course taught me a lot about the little things and new things to take into season. The detail on blocking, setting, and team management are areas that stood out to me. What I would have liked to see are a couple drills to enforce areas in topic. A lot of times Coaches run out of ideas, and need fresh drills. Thank you AOC, for this course and I look forward to level II.
    Orlando Carrillo
    Chandler, Az

  24. Excellent Class


    I would recommend this class for all coaches

  25. Loved this course!


    This was a very informative course. I am really hoping for more soon!

  26. Recommended to everyone!!!


    Recommended to everyone!!!

  27. Thanks so much!


    The Head Coach Level One Certification was exactly what I have come to expect from Art of Coaching–comprehensive, understandable, well -done!
    Cindy Bryant, Director, Momentum Volleyball, Powhatan,VA

  28. Well Done!


    Jim, you’re an exceptional presenter and I really enjoyed this course. I will recommend for all my club coaches and look forward to future Certifications.
    One thing I’d appreciate being covered in more depth is the last section on injury prevention. The course talks about the importance of good mechanics, but there is nothing presented for the novice coach to really carry into practice. I think there are a handful of really common mechanical errors that injure a lot of players and they could be demonstrated visually, along with the proper corrections to help coaches prevent them in their own athletes. Landing on one leg after the attack is a common one, another is the shoulder issues caused by blocking the arm swing by failing to rotate through, properly. These are very common and easily avoided, once coaches and players know what to look for.
    Thank you!

  29. Great Course!


    I liked how the course covered many aspects for level 1 coaching. I appreciated how simple the explanations were. Course was easy to follow and I thought the explanation of body mechanics and movements were excellent. Jim Stone presented additional information in this course I haven’t seen in other certifications. Thank you! Looking forward to additional AOC certifications!

  30. Excellent Course


    Thank you for putting together this course. Extremely well organized, comprehensive coverage of all aspects to run a team. Well suited for the novice or more experienced coach. Well worth the investment in time and money. Looking forward to Level 2.

  31. from a beginner club coach


    very constructive and informative course. this is my second year as a club coach with limited volleyball experience and this course has helped me gain a much better understanding of the game of volleyball,

  32. Head Coach Level One Certification


    This course is excellent!! It is vey well said and organized. It hit all the major components of volleyball. Mr. Stone kept my attention and a learned a lot of new things. The setup of the course is fantastic for a busy person who needs to break the course up over a few weeks to get it done. Highly recommend it! Hope there is a Level 2!!

  33. Excellent course


    I found the course informative and helpful. New coaches can learn a lot. Hoping they do some additional level certifications to delve deeper into some of the strategy and planning portions of coaching.

  34. Great information, well organized


    While I have seen and heard much of this information previously, this was a very clear and effective way of presenting it. It covered most all of the bases and made it clear when a decision was up to the coach’s style or the team’s ability, not the “my way or the highway” approach of some other trainings.

  35. Great Course


    Enjoyed the course tremendously. Thanks to Coach Stone and his contributors for a well thought out and effective means of introducing the art of coaching volleyball. The quizzes compiled were a great means of interaction with the program. One thing that I would have appreciated more was if Coach Stone went further into rotational overlapping. I greatly look forward to taking future courses and hope to attend a clinic in 2018. Proud of having the badge! Thanks again for this great resource!

    M. McLeary
    Mansfield, Ohio

  36. I really enjoyed this course!!


    I have been coaching a long time and this course just refreshed my memory and made me think about a few things differently. I enjoyed it and cannot wait until another one comes out!!

  37. Highly Recommended! Can't wait for Level 2!


    As a long-time coach who is USAV CAP I certified, I didn’t have very high expectations going into the course, but I’m always looking to learn and share wisdom with my players. I have to say, after completing the course, Jim Stone and his guest speakers went into details I was expecting in their level 2 or 3 course. They did a great job of presenting the information in logical chunks and while I was hoping to skip around, I can see now why they force you to watch in the order presented. Having the video, the transcription, and links to additional details on a per video/segment basis was very helpful for me to dive further into a topic if desired.

    I’m looking forward to putting this great info into use and better prepare my teams. I’ve been raving to my other club coaches to take this cert. Level 2 cannot come out soon enough! Can’t imagine what you’ll cover in that course! Thanks Jim Stone and AOC!

  38. Great Course


    There is a ton of good information here and I made notes on every single subject. I have already used alot of the things taught in this course into my club practices and has made a huge difference with my team.

  39. Great course for new coaches


    I think this course is very good for new coaches, as it gives a good basic overview of the many aspects of the sport. I have coached for seven years at the high school, junior high, and club level, so most of the course was basic review for me. Again, the course is great, but I think it’s much better suited for new coaches, maybe with not much strategic knowledge of the sport. I look forward to seeing what other certifications the AOC comes up with in the future.

  40. Great training


    Head Coach Level 1 training includes a lot of good and needed info to work with your team. There is also a lot of extra material to go through when ever you are facing some new thing in your training. The training is given in a way that also a person who does not speak English as a native language (like me) can understand it well.
    I am really waiting for more – statistics and libero trainings in the first place!

  41. Course summary


    It was a clean, simple, complete progressive knowledge share.
    It’s containing the complete core of the volleyball game.
    For me that was valuable information especially the videos where Jim presented what he talked before.
    Thank you to I could be participated.

    Attila Kontor



    It was great. It got down to the point with all of the topics but also gave great information for each.
    I think the only thing that could be added would be the top 2-3 drills for each that could be implemented.
    But other than that this was great and I would recommend it to every coach!!! 🙂

  43. Helped with focus


    From being a Player to Official to Coach, I knew a great deal of the sport should be played and how to recognize offenses, defenses and tendencies. This course helped a great deal in how to teach skills, why coaches use different systems and how to look at items such as stats and patterns for my players at different age groups. Overall, I learned a lot, it is a great course.

  44. Head Coach Level One Certification


    Good information for the high school volleyball athlete.

  45. Fantastic overview of coaching!


    Thank you so much for this course! It is a great overview of volleyball and incorporates different coaches to reinforce learning and show different perspectives. I am looking forward to a “level 2” or specialized/advanced course where training will go more in depth and get into more nuanced training. Maybe pulling many perspectives together on attacks where 31s, 1s, hut, shoots etc, are explained as to translate into actionable training techniques.

    Overall great overview and I appreciate the additional resources links in each section to do a deeper dive. Thank you!

  46. Great Class


    I’ve been a volunteer assistant coach at a small high school for a couple of years now, with not a lot of background other than just enjoying playing the sport. This class gave me a lot of ideas for how to help the team improve and for how to help the head coach do her job. This was a great resource that I plan to review again at least once before next season. Looking forward to any future classes as well.

  47. 5

    Thank you for an interesting and comprehensive course. I have been out of coaching for many years. To be able to a complete course like this has definitely increased my confidence.

  48. A Good Overview with Needed Depth


    While the plethora of volleyball coaches I’ve encountered have been skilled, passionate, and committed; I’ve run into more than a handful of coaches who accepted the position with little or no experience of how to coach. This course proved accessible at the entry level, but with more than enough meat to it that any experienced coach would come away with a better system to implement with their teams. I’d recommend this course at all levels. The videos of the collegiate coaches from the clinics ensure that this course id reliable, consistent, and valid.

  49. It should be a requirmment for any new coach and wish i had this when i started


    I have been coaching volleyball for over a decade. I have attended several clinics and subscribed to several coaching based content services, and belong to many volleyball coaching groups over the years. I got more out of this course in a much more condensed version than all my many clinics and other online resources. I believe you can always keep learning but man this would have saved me some major growing pains as a new coach all those years ago. I have enjoyed the way Jim presents the game going back to when he use to run his training solutions service. I would highly recommend to any coach looking to get a great base knowledge of how to fill their coaching tool belt that will put them right path to success or any old coach just looking to refresh or remind of fundamentals that they may have forgotten or never learned in the way this course presents.

    Kuddos AoC and Jim, Can’t wait for level II when or if its coming.

  50. Easy to follow


    Really enjoyed taking this online course. It was easy to follow along and was nice to be able to take it at my own pace. The auto save feature allows you to come and go at your convenience!!

  51. Awesome Information


    Very comprehensive information covering a wide range of topics. I found it very informative and full of perspective.

  52. Two thumbs up


    Great course for new coaches. I highly recommend it.

  53. Great coaching course!


    Learned some cool coaching insights and I am really interested in the upcoming courses. Thanks Jim.

  54. Great Course!


    I learned so much from

  55. Jim Stone Head Coach Certification


    Excellent ! I think to enhance this course, it would be great to have a few specific resources attached to each module. For example, when talking about injury prevention and warm-ups, maybe have a link to a specific routine for warming up that includes all of the aspects that were spoken about. When talking about passing, maybe a few drills that have the proper progressions for teaching it. etc. etc.

  56. Great Course!


    We were looking for coaching courses for our club coaches to get everyone on the same page and maybe speak the same language. This course was great! Very informative, covered the basics and expanded on the advanced. Completing this course will be a basic requirement for our coaches in the future.

  57. Very worthwhile for this novice coach.


    Great course! Thanks much Coach Stone. Terrific idea to include transcripts of the videos.

  58. A useful course :D


    The course is well structured with the necessary information for a coach. The presentation from Jim Stone was simple and to the point. I found many parts extremely useful for my work as a trainer and i am very satisfied with my choice to take this course either for learning new things or refreshing the memory.

  59. Good course


    I enjoyed this course. It reaffirmed certain things but it also presented new information so I learned new things as well. I liked that I could do it at my own pace and my own time. I think it was well worth the investment.

  60. Great course


    I have been coaching elementary and middle school volleyball since 2005. I have won five district championships during this time ( and left a few on the table) , but I didn’t have a volleyball playing background or certification. I learned some new information through this course and reaffirmed a lot of what I have already implemented in my program as valid. It’s nice to know that I now have certification to back my volleyball resume from a high level authority in the sport of volleyball. I would recommend this course to other coaches and look forward to the possibility of taking a level two certification class in the future. Thanks Jim !

    Chris Tennyson
    Clovis, CA
    Youtube: Tenayavb

  61. 4

    I loved the examples with the videos

  62. Great Class for High School Coaches!


    This course was an incredible way to learn more about the sport of volleyball! I’ve learned many new things to incorporate next season!

  63. Well worth the time


    I have been coaching at the High School and Club Level for 14 years. This class was a very good refresher as well as giving new ideas for me to use with my club and teams. Well paced and informative throughout

  64. 5

    Really enjoyed the expert guest speakers as well as the thoroughness and depth of topics covered!
    The time allowed to finish the course is generous and helpful, and frequent quizzes are relevant for information retention. (I still took written notes of every chapter because written notes learning haha)
    I found it to be a well organized and thought out introductory level one certification course 🙂 supported perfectly with video examples and white board take always. Thank you

  65. Excellent Course! Not Only Informative But Convenient. Should Be Required Of All Coaches.


    Have coached for over 25 years but mostly self-taught as I did not get to play in High School or College. Picked up information hear and there. Always wanted to attend coaching clinics to learn more but time/travel would be a struggle. Loved that I could do this on line at a pace that worked with all of the other responsibilities in my life. I wasn’t doing badly as a coach prior to the course, but now feel I have a better, overall understanding of not only coaching but setting up and running a program. Information was presented in a straight forward, easy to digest manner. Clinician knows his stuff! Already have integrated much of the material in my current team and seeing good results. Would highly recommend this to anyone; both beginning and experienced coaches. Hope there’s a Head Coach 2 at some point? Thanks for providing this

  66. 5

    I have been coaching for 9 years and have always loved Jim’s teaching and drills. This course was a fantastic review for me and gave me many, many, many golden nuggets to immediately integrate into my high school program. I cannot recommend it enough for first time or less experienced coaches as well. It will cover all the volleyball basics you need to start having a successful program.

  67. Great class - lots of information


    As a first year high school head coach this has been a fantastic course! Going through the basics step by step and skill by skill have really helped me to focus on what I need to do to make our program successful.

    I look forward to the next level certification.

  68. Good Course For Any Level


    This is not only a great course for young coaches who are just getting started, but also for veteran coaches who appreciate different perspectives. Coach Stone provides detail insights for all aspects of the game. He also uses a white board and video to help breakdown strategies and skills. As next season gets underway, I will definitely be referring back to my notes from this course.

  69. excellent


    I am a long time player, first time coach. I found this course to be an excellent way to translate what I could do on the court to terminology to teach children and teenagers the game. Thank you.

  70. Agradecimiento a ustedes!


    Muchas gracias por tremenda información, me sirvió mucho para el desarrollo del equipo femenino adulto que llevo adelante acá en Chile, donde llegamos a una final de la liga nacional femenina, conceptos claros, desarrollo de temas relevantes y con un cierre increíble.
    Saludos al equipo de entrenadores!

  71. Great Course


    This course covered all aspects of being a head coach. I would recommend this course to other courses.

  72. Head course overview


    Very informative. Nice material and overview. I really enjoyed understanding pros and cons of each defense. Was a solid course.

  73. A Must Course For All Levels


    This a great course not only for a beginner coach but also gives the veteran coach some things to think about as they consider what goes on in their gym. I would highly recommend this course to any coach that coaches volleyball.

  74. Great Course!


    I like Jim Stone and his presentation. If you are looking for a great overview for your volleyball program, then this is for you! Whether you are a veteran coach, or a beginner, the information will be beneficial to all. I have been coaching for many years, and this has helped me fill in a few holes, as well as give me coaching points that I had not thought of before. Great job!

  75. Clear & Concise


    I’m an experienced player and a fairly new coach. Coach Stone clearly defines strategy and technique. He gives reasoning to things I’ve been doing for years.

    David T., Austin, TX

  76. Content


    Very thorough presentation of volleyball coaching basics. I will use to brush up on concepts again and again. I think it is valuable for athletes, coaches and parents.

  77. Excellent Use of Time


    I would recommend this course for any volleyball coach, especially those newer coaches.

  78. Excellent Review & Reinforcement


    The course is succinct, comprehensive, and easy to navigate through. I’ve been coaching for 7 years, but the variety of information I’ve gathered over time has almost muddled some of my ideas, thoughts, principles, and methods. This was a solid review to reinforce key concepts, but it wasn’t boring or repetitive; several modules covered topics I wasn’t completely comfortable or familiar with. Highly recommend it.

  79. Excelent!


    This course will help me get start as a volleybal head coach sharp and effective!
    Thanks so much!

  80. 5

    This course is awsome thank you so much

  81. My tool belt just got bigger!


    Amazing training! I am grateful for the clear and concise information presented in this certification training. I’m more confident as a coach. I’ve attended a few coaches clinics in my career and learned a quite a few new ideas and concepts. I love that Jim Stone stated, this is not the only way to coach. He teaches a skill or strategy and shares why one would, for instance, use an 6-6 rather a 5-1. He shared why a coach would use rotational defense instead of perimeter, not once mentioning one way is wrong. I’ve gained more tools to add to my tool belt, therefore I can build stronger, healthier, prepared athletes. Mahalo!

  82. Solid Introduction


    This series of lessons is really good for new coaches. It provided great information for coaches who are beginner to intermediate. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

  83. Thank you!


    Great informative course pitched towards coaches at various levels. I have been coaching for around 10 years now, and it was great to both reinforce a lot of the things I already do, as well as giving me new information and knowledge which I did not have before. Cannot thank you enough for making this course available, and I cant wait for level 2!

  84. Excellent course!!


    Jim Stone is a great teacher and has so much wisdom and experience to impart. I’m new to coaching and somewhat to the game of volleyball so the knowledge is indispensable for me. Thanks so much for offering such a high quality course!

  85. Head Coach Certification Level 1


    This course was a tremendous help to me. I have been coaching on and off at the middle and high school levels for many years. The progressive layout and organization of information surpasses any experience I have had to date. I am more prepared to be an effective coach, which is what the players deserve! Thank you so much.

  86. AOC Coaching Level One Certification


    Course was well organized with good supplemental attachments to go more in depth with skill development and enhancement. Mechanics and Skills demos were good; although some execution or base preparation should be emphasized a bit more. Coverage for transition play should be covered enough so that new coaches don’t overlook these areas. Possible topic for Level 2 certification is to develop single or double word communication skills at all levels. Game vocabulary increases as the rigor and tempo of game increases. Level 2 developing leadership skills for players is a challenging process for a coach. Develop key attributes of a court/team leader. Player coverage behind team attack should be covered or added to offense section or integrate into team style of offense/defense systems. Alternative serve systems for 11 and under players needs to be discussed. I teach a side arm floater and works well with players have overhand serving mechanics issues. Good work all on this course.

  87. Great Course


    Alhough Ive been coaching for several years, I was still taught a lot of great information,

  88. Outstanding course


    I have taken many volleyball coaching courses, however, this one is my favorite so far. The course certainly makes you look at many aspects of the game and training from a different perspective. More in depth on the mechanics and strategies of the sport.

  89. Great information in this course!


    I highly recommend the Level I Head Coach Certification program! This is my second season as the head Varsity coach at a local High School, and I realized after my first season that I still had a lot to learn. After finishing this course, my confidence level in planning practices, running tryouts, developing an overall plan for the season, ensuring that I understood proper skill mechanics, and tracking # of jumps and swings to aid in injury prevention was greatly improved!

  90. Head Coach Certification, Level One


    Good course, really liked the use of videos to demonstrate points. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve coached…it’s always good to get different perspectives on techniques, match management, etc. This course provided that for me. I do wish the interactive portion was a little more timely; saw a number of questions and comments not responded to, weeks after posting. Overall, good course and I got some good takeaways.

  91. Awesome course!


    Loved this course on every aspect. Waiting for the next one!

  92. Head Coach Certification, Level One


    I’ve been at it for a while from JH through HS Varsity. I benefitted from the review and not a few different technique recommendations and perspectives. Kudos!

  93. Head Coach Certification Level One


    I really enjoyed the course. The step by step approach, quizzes, video examples and the additional resources provided excellent depth to each area of volleyball coaching. I look forward to applying some of this knowledge and principles with my own teams here in Northern Ireland.

  94. ¡Gracias!


    Saludos desde Colombia, muchas gracias por tan importante enfoque para evolucionar en el voleibol. Quedo a la expectativa del nivel 2. Gracias.

  95. Head Coach Certification, Level 1


    Great Course. I would recommend to others. Presentations were easy to understand with excellent graphics and video segments to support information. All aspects of the course helped me become a better coach. All sections were specific and appropriate for many age levels, and covered all areas of the sport from skills mechanics to strategies to injury prevention. I will refer back to this information as my coaching season progresses.

  96. Awesome Course


    I increased my knowledge exponentially and will be utilizing many of the concepts during my Club season. Thank you for providing this resource.

  97. Very useful


    It is a very useful course to put into practice at the initial levels. I’m from Argentina and the audio quality and Jim’s pronunciation was very clear.

  98. Great basics course, more then enough to get a coach going


    Great course for new or low level coaches moving up. Great fundamentals.

  99. Just what I was looking for


    The course is very comprehensive. Jim tone pitches his lessons at the right level for all high school teams. Very happy that I did this.

  100. Review of the Head Coaching Certification course


    Very enjoyable. After coaching for 30 years was a very valuable review of concepts. I plan on revisiting this course multiple times during the next season. This will help me be the best coach I can be for my team. The format was well laid out, well presented, and easy to understand. there is a wealth of information here that will benefit every coach, from the beginner to the more experienced.

  101. I don't normally give five star reviews...


    But the modules provided in this certification are useful and timely for coaches at every level. I have a very strong background in international volleyball at the highest levels in the world, coming into this certification I was skeptical. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the organization of each topic. The modules were presented in an easy-to-follow format relevant to each skill and point. I enjoyed Coach Stone’s videos. He is very knowledgable and effective in his presentation of volleyball information. Although I didn’t agree with a few of his teaching philosophies (4-step approach), I did get many key “take aways” from his lectures for which I’m grateful. I missed 3 questions out of all the quizzes, but I got to retake them until they were perfect, so I liked that too.

    This certification is fundamental for anyone looking to improve their coaching skills or learn how to teach volleyball, even parents who want to know more about the game will benefit. This is an excellent product, so much so that I’ve decided to do the Men’s Volleyball Head Coach certification as well. I highly recommend this certification.

  102. great course


    very helpful in figuring out what I want to do to advance my career in coaching

  103. Excellent program - thank you!


    The course is very inclusive and organized.

  104. Worth every cent!


    I really enjoyed Jim’s approach in structuring and presenting this course. I’m a first year Varsity volleyball coach and this course became, and will continue to be, my main point of reference for reviewing some of the intricacies of the game that I learned about bu may need a refresher on. Only suggestion is to have a more comprehensive section involving offensive systems that may show basic positioning in rotations 1-6 for the 5-1 and 6-2 (commonly used).

    Thanks !

  105. Exactly What I Needed


    I am a 2nd year high school coach that relies on credible resources for forming my coaching style and relaying good information to my players. This is definitely a credible resource that I will continue to refer back to as I am planning tryouts, practices, and setting up my team’s playing strategy. The “extra” videos and articles outside the course make it even more valuable.

  106. Awesome course


    So much great information, very good explained. Awesome guidelines for coaches!

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