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Running a successful volleyball program requires more than a basic knowledge of the game and a few good drills. In the Jim Stone Academy Head Coach Level One Course, renowned coach Jim Stone offers an in-depth exploration of the game—specifically for beginner to intermediate coaches. Lessons follow a deliberate flow, starting with program organization and skills development then progressing to offensive / defensive systems and match strategies. While moving through the self-paced course, students have access to Jim during weekly “office hours” and the “members only” online forum. They also will find links to relevant bonus videos and reference materials to further enhance their learning. Those who complete the course within 6 months of enrollment will earn their certification.

Topics include:
• Developing a coaching philosophy and team chemistry
• Organizing a daily and season practice plan
• Understanding the mechanics of serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking
• Running offensive and defensive systems
• Managing matches—before, during and after
• Scouting new talent and running efficient tryouts
• Taking steps to prevent player injuries

***Have you finished this course and are looking for your completion certificate? Go to your My Courses page in your My Account dashboard. At the top of the page you’ll see your progress through each certification along with a download link for your certificate.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Course Introduction FREE 00:01:00
Developing a Core Philosophy 00:07:00
Developing Team Chemistry 00:05:00
Running an Efficient Tryout 00:13:00
Getting Started Quiz Unlimited
Planning Your Season
Developing a Season Practice Plan 00:06:00
Developing a Daily Practice Plan 00:09:00
Season Planning Quiz Unlimited
Overview of Movement Skills
Analysis of Correct Movement Skills 00:11:00
Movement Skills Quiz Unlimited
Footwork for the Outside Hitter 00:04:00
Footwork for the Middle Hitter 00:02:00
The Quick Attack 00:10:00
Mechanics of Running a Slide Attack 00:03:00
Developing the Attack Armswing 00:05:00
Analysis of Armswing Biomechanics 00:11:00
Attacking Quiz Unlimited
Keys to the Forearm Pass 00:06:00
Passing Quiz Unlimited
Setting Posture and Footwork 00:09:00
Setting Hand Position and Release 00:07:00
Disguising the Front and Back Set 00:03:00
Jump Setting 00:03:00
The Setter Attack – Part 1 00:04:00
The Setter Attack – Part 2 00:03:00
Setting Strategy 00:04:00
Selecting a Setter 00:04:00
Setting Quiz Unlimited
Serving Mechanics and Strategy 00:16:00
Serving Quiz Unlimited
Individual Defense
Defensive Posture and Movement 00:08:00
Redirecting the Ball 00:07:00
Emergency Skills 00:03:00
Reading on Defense 00:06:00
Individual Defense Quiz Unlimited
Outside Blocker Footwork 00:08:00
Middle Blocker Footwork 00:06:00
Shaping the Block 00:04:00
Blocking Systems 00:10:00
Blocking Quiz Unlimited
Offensive systems
Serve Receive Patterns 00:09:00
The 6-6, the 4-2, and the International 4-2 00:08:00
The 5-1 00:07:00
The 6-2 00:03:00
Factors that Impact Your Offensive System 00:05:00
Developing an Offensive Tempo 00:07:00
Executing Combination Plays 00:06:00
Organizing Your Out of System Offense 00:05:00
Offensive System Wrap-Up 00:05:00
Offensive Systems Quiz Unlimited
Defensive Systems
Introduction to Team Defense 00:05:00
Base Positions 00:06:00
Using Parallel Lines to Organize Your Defense 00:04:00
Free Ball Defense 00:03:00
Perimeter Defense (White) 00:06:00
Slide Defense (Blue) 00:02:00
Rotation Defense 00:03:00
Player Up Defense (Red) 00:03:00
Defensive Systems Quiz Unlimited
Match Management
Match Strategy 00:08:00
Scouting 00:07:00
Time-Out Management 00:04:00
Post Match Strategy 00:03:00
Basic Stats to Evaluate Team and Individual Performance 00:07:00
Match Management Quiz Unlimited
Injury Prevention
Key Steps in Injury Prevention for Your Players 00:22:00
Injury Prevention Quiz Unlimited
Certification Wrap Up
Course Wrap-Up 00:01:00
  • $150.00
  • 2000 SEATS
  • Number of Units55
  • Number of Quizzes13